Discuss the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur is an agent who purched the means of production for combination into marketable products. A successful entrepreneur has some qualities which are as follows;

  1. Moderate risk taking: An entrepreneur always takes calculated and moderate risk. He never takes unlimited and uncalculated risks in establishing and doing business.
  2. Hard work: Entrepreneur is a hard worker. He always busy with various types of work for innovation of new venture.
  3. Accountability: A successful entrepreneur is account able to the higher authority as well as his associates always accountable to him.
  4. Education in real sense: Educational background is another important quality of entrepreneur. He tries to implement his organizational objectives through his education.
  5. Analytical mind: A successful entrepreneur is analytical minded. He will compare his performance with his planning.
  6. Dynamic leadership: A successful entrepreneur has to work dynamically to operate an organization.
  7. Patience of mind: Entrepreneur has to patience of mind. He will never be disappointed for his fail. He will try heart and soul to raise the goal.
  8. Accommodative: Accommodation is another quality of an entrepreneur. He will have the power of acceptance to others.
  9. Courageous and tactful: The success of entrepreneur depends on his brave and skill. Courage and skill make the activities of entrepreneur easier.
  10. Maker of right decision: Right decision helps to achieve the goal. Entrepreneur will be the right decision maker.
  11. Foresight: A successful entrepreneur has the ability to predict what is likely to happen and to use this to prepare for the future.
  12. Right perception of thinks: A successful entrepreneur thinks in a right way. It is very important for establishment of business.
  13. Enjoys simple life: Entrepreneur leads a simple life like as general people of the society.
  14. Initiative and investigative: The activities of entrepreneur always concerned with initiation and investigation.
  15. Strong desire to success: Successful entrepreneur has strong desire to success. For success he has to the present condition of the financial market and also products market.
  16. Innovation: Entrepreneur’s activities are closely related with the innovation of a new product or business.
  17. Self-confidence: Self-confidence is an important quality of entrepreneur. Self-confidence depends on some factors, such as education, previous experience etc.
  18. Goal setting: After analysis and investigation entrepreneur will set the optimistic goal.
  19. Keen observation: Successful entrepreneur will observe all the parts of organization and overall activities of it.
  20. Sociable: The activities of successful entrepreneur will be helpful to the society and its people.
  21. Loves to works: Entrepreneur has one kind of addiction to work. He wants to spend his time fulltime job.
  22. Loves to ideas newly: Entrepreneur always try to innovate new ideas for changing the social custom and values.
  23. Team builder: A successful entrepreneur builds a skilled and expert manpower in the organization by providing training.
  24. Clear understanding: Successful entrepreneur has the ability to understand everything very rapidly and reality.
  25. Ability to conceptualize: Successful entrepreneur is able to conceptualize the reality.
  26. Make rapid customers: Customers are the heart of a business organization. Entrepreneur tries to increase the number of customer rapidly.
  27. Optimist: Entrepreneur will be optimist. That quality will help him to accomplish th=his duties.
  28. Strategist: Successful entrepreneur apply strategies policies for achievement of organizational goal.
  29. Pleasure of success: Entrepreneur always try to achieve the goal and want to get pleasure for his success.

These are the most important qualities of entrepreneur which makes efficient and help to perform his function more successfully.


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